In 1978, the Five Points Alcoholics Anonymous Group moved to King Solomon Lodge. Initially, a "chip club," called the Jefferson Alcoholic Foundation, Inc. was formed to handle business operations of the lodge which the Five Points group occupied. Soon, group members realized the club was attracting Alcoholics Anonymous members who were not members of the Five Points AA group.

In addition, the need for a place for recovering alcoholics to spend time was recognized. JAFI was formed in 1980, to provide the place recovering alcoholics needed. In addition, JAFI served as the legal entity for AA groups needing meeting space in Birmingham’s Southside area.

In March of 2003, JAFI suffered the loss of the “Old House” due to fire. Built in 1890, the historical home had served as JAFI’s main facility since 1980. After the fire, JAFI moved into the “speaker building,” an adjacent, smaller structure on the same property and has been providing recovery services there ever since.

History of JAFI

JAFI Clubhouse

2012 14th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-1008