​​JAFI Limited Re-opening Announcement

​The last five months have been a challenge for everyone, including those in the recovery community. JAFI was no exception as we were forced to close as part of a statewide shutdown in mid-March and have remained closed since then. During this time, the Board has been meeting almost weekly to evaluate conditions related to COVID-19, relying on guidance from health experts and city/state/federal officials. We have also been having regular discussions with JAFI members and meeting groups. The most important guiding factor for us in our decision has been the well-being of our employees and members. Like many, we initially thought that we would be able to open soon after the shelter-in-place order was lifted. However, with the restrictions for re-opening and the later surge in cases during the summer, it became clear that would not be immediately possible. Recovery groups have done a tremendous job in transitioning to virtual meetings. Even so, we know that there has always been an interest and a need to meet in person.

Earlier this week, the Board met and decided to re-open JAFI on a limited basis, effective August 31, in a way that is consistent with relevant legal and medical guidance and best practices. While not comprehensive, here are a few key requirements for re-opening:

  • No more than 12 people can be in the main JAFI building at any one time.

  • No more than 20 people can be in the pavilion/parking area at any one time.

  • Anyone on JAFI premises, inside or outside the building, must wear masks at all times.

  • Anyone on JAFI premises, inside or outside the building, must adhere to 6-feet social distancing requirements.

  • Recovery meeting groups are responsible for ensuring that all requirements are followed by meeting participants.

Our employees are prepared to re-open and enforce these requirements to the best of their abilities. Staying open is not guaranteed and will be contingent on several factors, ranging from compliance with JAFI re-opening guidance to the continued maintenance of health/safety at JAFI and the local/state community. JAFI will also take into account the financial impact of remaining open, especially since we recognize that the restrictions may limit participation (and operating income) from groups and members. In the coming weeks, the Board will be providing additional information on financial status and challenges.

JAFI has literally been a lifesaver for so many people in our community and we are so appreciative of the moral and financial support you have given during this time. Thank you again for your understanding. We hope that together we can make this work for the benefit of those struggling with addiction and recovery.


 The JAFI Board of Directors

Welcome to JAFI Bham!

Since 1980, our mission has been to provide the Greater Birmingham Area Recovery Community a clean and safe environment to hold 12-Step meetings, and to gather socially in the spirit of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

We feel it is important to organize & hold ongoing social activities & functions for members to enjoy. Our goal is to use all funds in excess of operating expenses to improve the clubhouse. 

JAFI Bham               

(205) 933-1008


Sunrise AA 6:30 AM                                             Beyond the Tracks HA 5:30 PM

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday                      Wednesday

Free & Clear CMA 8:00 PM                                  Pop-Up 12-Step Meeting
Monday, Wednesday                                           *Sunday, 9/27/2020 @ 12:15PM*