JAFI Limited Re-opening

Frequently Asked Questions

​​How long will JAFI remain open? When will it return to "normal" operations?

The short answer is that we would like to remain open. However, there are many factors that we need to monitor.

What happens if I come to JAFI and they are already at capacity?
During JAFI business hours (not “in-meeting”), only members are allowed. Being at JAFI will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. If already at capacity, additional members will not be allowed on premises.

Is there a way to know in advance whether JAFI will be at capacity?
You can contact JAFI during business hours at 205-933-1008 to check. However, this will not be a guarantee of space availability.

How will I know if my group is meeting again at JAFI?
You will need to contact a trusted servant at your meeting group.

What if I show up for a meeting and it’s already at capacity?
The meeting group will be responsible for addressing this, either coordinating before the meeting or dealing with the issue at the meeting; however, the meeting must abide by the capacity requirement.

Will smoking be permitted on JAFI premises?
No – smoking/vaping outside requires periodic removal of the mask, which poses a health risk to others. Smoking indoors at JAFI is already prohibited.

Will JAFI be selling coffee?
Initially JAFI will not be selling coffee. Depending on how re-opening progresses, this is subject to change.

Our meeting group currently does not meet at JAFI, but we would like to – is that possible?
You can contact Chris Jeely at 205-933-1008 or jafibarmgr@gmail.com to discuss availability, cost, etc.

I haven’t paid JAFI dues for a long time – do I need to make up for prior dues to stay a member?
No. We do ask that you renew your membership by paying the upcoming month’s dues. You can pay via Venmo (@JAFIclubhouse) or visit the JAFI website donations page: http://www.jafibham.org/donate.html

How can I make a donation to JAFI?
We would welcome any donation you can make – the easiest methods are via Venmo (@JAFIclubhouse) or the JAFI website donations page: http://www.jafibham.org/donate.html


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