Welcome to JAFI Bham!

Since 1980, our mission has been to provide the Greater Birmingham Area Recovery Community a clean and safe environment to hold 12-Step meetings, and to gather socially in the spirit of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

We feel it is important to organize & hold ongoing social activities & functions for members to enjoy. Our goal is to use all funds in excess of operating expenses to improve the clubhouse. 

JAFI Clubhouse

2012 14th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-1008


Dear JAFI Members, and Supporters:

Like many nonprofits and service organizations, JAFI has been hard hit financially by COVID-19. JAFI stayed closed from March through August to be compliant with local guidelines, particularly given the small physical space. We re-opened in September for meetings and membership with social distancing and other key safety-related restrictions. While many in recovery are benefiting from in-person meetings, it is clear that conditions such as the resurgence of COVID-19 cases are limiting the number of meetings and members at JAFI. 

Our income during this time has been limited, particularly from meeting group rent and coffee/beverage sales, which has meant operating at a deficit for several consecutive months. Our core monthly operating expense (including rent, utilities, payroll) is $3,500+ per month, while current income from operations is less than half that amount. We want to remain open during this time, to help those that desperately need it. Even during "normal" years, JAFI has always relied on donations to help make ends meet. The PPP stimulus money earlier this year allowed us to survive the early part of this year. Some reserve funds and a few well-timed donations have been critical through the Fall. We recognize that it may be many months before we can get back to normal operations. Looking forward, JAFI needs your help. JAFI is seeking to raise $20,000 to meet our projected shortfall in operating needs. 

Many of you have relied on JAFI for recovery over the years, even if you may not have been there for a meeting or coffee in recent times. We hope that you will be able to support JAFI in its "recovery" during this challenging time. Our goal through January is to raise the following amounts / levels of sponsorship. Keep in mind that all donations are tax-deductible.

Levels of 2021 JAFI Sponsorship

Platinum: (5) donations of $1,000+

Gold: (10) donations of $500+

Silver: (15) donation of $250+

Bronze: (25) donations of $100+

We recognize that some people may be in a position to give more than others. And we will continue to be grateful for all donations, regardless of how big or small. 

You can submit a donation through our website (www.jafibham.org), which will offer multiple ways to donate (Venmo, Paypal, or check). You may also pay in person at our coffee bar.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our manager, Chris Jeely (jafibarmgr@gmail.com) or our board.

Thank you so much for your support and consideration.


The JAFI Board of Directors